Tips for finding The Best Roofing Contractor In Indianapolis

Tips For Finding the Best Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis 

There are many challenges that home owners have to overcome when it comes to maintaining their investment. The roof is one of the most important parts to the home and when it comes to finding roofing experts in the area, none are as prepared to help than Stay Dry Roofing.  We are proud to be called one of the best roofing contractors in Indianapolis, and we want to help every homeowner find the best contractors for the work they need done on their home. Here some things you can do to help your search:

Get local referrals

Con artists and scammers are everywhere but they never stay in one place for long-they are always moving on to a new area. So, if you want to find the best roofing contractors in Indianapolis, look for locals who live and work in the area and come with local recommendations from others finding roofing experts.

Check manufacturer designations

Manufacturer designations can be seen as a sort of badge of honor because certain training and certifications but be met and achieved to get this designation. Using a contractor with the right certifications means you are using a trained and experienced professional and makes finding roofing experts much easier.

Check the BBB reports

The Better Business Bureau is the place you want to check to see what your contractor’s ratings are before you begin working with them. Cons and scammers are usually reported to the BBB so checking their reports is a good way to weed out the potentially problem contractors.

Ask for warranty options

Not all contractors will offer a warranty on their work but any roofing contractor worth their merit offers at least a limited warranty. Asking about the warranty helps you get a feel for how much pride and confidence the contractor has in their work. All the best roofing contractors in Indianapolis offer some kind of warranty.

Be concerned about safety

Your contractor needs to have the proper safety training and certification. If they do not have a good track record for safety then it may be you paying for lawsuits and injury claims if something happens during the project on your property. This is one step that is critical in the process of finding roofing experts in the area!

Ask for licensing and insurance proof

The contractor should be able to supply proof of insurance and licensing upon request. You cannot skimp on this! Without these documentations, you could be facing fees and fines if things are not done properly to code. It can cost you lots down the road if you skip this important part of choosing a contractor.

Pay your insurance deductible

If you are talking to a roofing contractor who claims the work can be done without you having to pay your required insurance deductible, then you need to turn and run away from them fast!  It is a crime to do this and it is a form of insurance fraud and you can get into legal trouble by doing this.

Handle your own claim

Some shady contractors will try to win your business by saying they can take care of the insurance claim process for you. This is not something you want as to do so may be breaking the law. In most states, there are laws against anyone other than the policy owner filing claims on a homeowner’s policy!

Resist high pressure contractors

One thing that can help with finding roofing experts is too avoid the contractors who use high pressure tactics to try and get you to sign a contract before an insurance providers review and respond to the claim. The best roofing contractors in Indianapolis will not resort to high pressure games!

Review the material choices

A good roofing contractor will always offer you a variety of options when it comes to materials that can be used on your roof. If a contractor sys they have the cheapest prices and only offers one or two choices then they likely are using sub-par materials and will likely cost you more down the road in repairs and maintenance.

No homeowner likes the process of finding roofing experts to work on one of their biggest investments. However, if you are in need of the best roofing contractors in Indianapolis, we invite you to come see the Stay Dry Roofing difference for yourself!

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