Sheon dating Sage Karam?


International Pop Artist SHEON is no longer single. She was spotted with the Indy race car driver Sage Karam at Detroit Grand Prix last weekend, who later took her on a date to Taylor Swifts concert.

Karam, 19, and Sheon, 24, posted a picture while at the Taylor Swift concert together. Both hers and his fans reacted immediately to the pairs’ “selfie”. The very next day, Sheon was anything but shy in sharing her support for Karam at his race and posted yet another picture of herself watching him during the event, naming Karam her “new favorite driver”. Sources say the hot new duo already have plans to see each other again soon. Karam has an upcoming race in Texas where Sheon plans to finish recording her debut album, Xotica. Will Sheon be there to support her rumored boyfriend at his race in Texas? It sounds like the two will continue to cross paths in the future.


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