Jason Spencer Dallas Completes Work On The Ninos Del Sol Orphanage

Jason Spencer Dallas is an entrepreneur who left his role as CEO of the Student Loan Relief company in 2016 to found an orphanage in Peru, where work has now been completed and the doors opened.

Dallas, United States – Jason Spencer Dallas is the former CEO of Student Loan Relief, and last year left his position to focus on Finance, Consultancy and Entrepreneurialism. One of his first projects was to found an orphanage in Cuzco, Peru. A year later, the orphanage has been completed, and is now home to eighteen children who are being raised together as a family.

Ninos del Sol helps the children – all survivors of trauma, abuse and neglect – to live and learn in a safe and supportive environment.  Ninos del Sol is dedicated to nurturing the children by giving them life skills, encouraging them to live with open hearts, managing their behaviour through yoga and wellness practices, and delivering nutrition through organic food from local farms, including their own garden. The children are raised in a warm, loving environment.

Jason Spencer Dallas has served his community in various roles over the past few years. With nearly a decade of professional experience in Finance and Consultancy, his expertise continues to be utilized in a number of consulting roles for Fortune 500 Companies. Based out of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area, he stays abreast of the latest developments in debt, investment, and money management strategies to provide the best advice and consultancy available.

The orphanage is a passion project for Jason, and one he continues to be actively involved in, creating fundraising initiatives to engage enough support for the children to continue to thrive.

A spokesperson for Jason Spencer Dallas explained, “Jason is immensely proud of the orphanage and the work that is being done there. He has helped set the orphanage up for success, with a business structure that keeps operating costs at their minimum, ensuring the maximum amount of people’s charitable donations directly benefit the children themselves. The orphanage now needs $8,000 dollars a month to function, and Jason will be spending the coming months creating a fundraising drive to achieve this figure.”

About Jason Spencer Dallas: Jason Spencer Dallas was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University, and was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from Queens University of Canada, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Currently, Jason Spencer lives in Dallas Texas with his loyal companion, his dog Romeo.

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Contact Info:

Name: Jason Spencer

Email: jasonspenceremail@gmail.com

Organization: Student Loan Relief, Inc and Ninos Del Sol

Address: 1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 1100 Dallas TX 75201

Phone: 855-693-3356

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