Christian Keen Street Photography


Christian Keen is a former Fishers Indiana Fireman, Indianapolis Police SWAT team member and a former Iraq Military Contractor who worked for the company Blackwater as an ambulance driver. After being injured in Iraq Christian began his journey into photography where he excels in street photography, weddings as well as veterans struggling with PTSD.

Currently Christian resides with his family in Indianapolis Indiana.

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  1. Christian helped me with a really hard photo shoot and he was able to capture some amazing things! Highly recommended.

  2. Christian did our wedding and did an amazing job.

  3. As fellow veteran who suffers from PTSD, I was concerned that Christians handicap (he was recently attacked in October and is awaiting surgery from that attack) would prevent him from completing what I needed done. Wow! Did he ever nailed it. I know he was in pain the entire time, but that didn’t stop him from helping me.

    Thanks buddy, from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you.

  4. Christian not only married my wife and I, he also took photographs of it. He did an excellent job following the instructions my wife gave him (keep the ceremony to 15 minutes lol) and he took even better pictures!

    Our favorite one that he took is framed above our fireplace still to this day.

    He is a good Ordained Minsiter, great Photographer and a really kind person.

    Oh and did I mention I only gave him a weeks notice and we got married on Christmas Eve? He took a nerve racking experience and made it very fun for the both of us.

    Highly recommend.

    Vincent Harper