A whole new experience with Walbum App

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Who. What. Where. Walbum does it superbly! This is a free, effective and efficient cutting-edge mobile application that captures and describes the nature of activities taking place at distinct locations throughout the world. Walbum does this by geographically mapping every picture posted to your timeline so that other users are able to see what is happening at these locations.

The app allows users to take photographs and videos through the device. The pictures and videos taken using the app are then automatically posted on www.walbum.com to allow other users to explore them. Interactivity is boosted such that users are able to view what’s happening in the lives of other users across the world. May it be a new pet acquired, moving apartments or even sharing great recipes and meals to other users, Walbum does it beautifully.

Photo editing capabilities are placed on your hands to modify the outcomes of photos. Walbum features a clean interface with a huge library of filters and lots of interesting editing features like changing the contrast, saturation, exposure and much more. Once a filter is applied, you are able to adjust the effects as well. A huge range of intriguing adjustment tools are available such as crop, rotate and a comprehensive frame library. All the options are presented in a very clean, straight forward manner eradicating any chances of confusion or messing up the photo. First time users are guaranteed to have no problems using it.

To make it stand out from other applications if any, the application posts pictures onto two different interfaces: My World and/or The World Album. Both the two represents two globes that allow users to rotate and zoom in order to view different locations. The two world have small icons that show pictures taken at different GPS points.  As such, users have the capability of finding local attraction points with a few clicks on the geographically marked photo map. There isn’t uncertainty but the thought of “I should have been here or have done that a decade ago” will be left lingering in you.

Are you fascinated by certain locations and would spend countless hours enjoying the serenity that the locations offer, like well-manicured parks? Well, you could find individuals who equally like such places and be friends with by simply following them. Yeah, I know. A great social app it is. Walbum could be used to find pictures of these locations and consequently the people who have been and/or like them and alas, the individuals become your friends by following them. You could arrange for a meet up with them and share views and interests within the given exhilarating location. Daily living cannot be simplified any further for media lovers but by this awesome app.

Walbum is surely the way to go. Picture and photo media has never been so captivating and easy to use ever before. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but truly, Walbum takes this a notch higher to even mean the representation of well over a million words in description by a single image. Spectacular, get your hands on this incredible social app and you will out rightly feel what you have been missing all along! It is available on google play store for free and is a must “install” application for smartphone users and multimedia lovers.


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