Is a Coding Degree Always the Right Answer?

Knowing even one programming language is certainly a feat. But is it enough to get your soon-to-be graduate a job? With the pace of change today, industries and businesses want to hire IT professionals who have the most diverse packages of skills. Take the growing technical training group, appendTo. Your new adult needs to keep up with the latest in technology applications and other IT fields in order to find a good position. If your kid is focused on a career in programming, knowing a variety of programming languages and being willing to continually learn is essential.

Coders are always learning new languages and ways to apply their coding knowledge. They are in a field that requires them to master new technological skills on a regular basis. Companies feel so strongly about having employees on the cutting edge that they often pay their employees to attend conferences or do professional development in the technological arena.

A major plus of working in the coding field is that your child doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest computer science degree to be hired as a coder. Employers are often more interested in how much an applicant knows and less interested in the degree he or she has earned. One employer who responded to a survey about the skills employers want to see in job applicants told Matt Weisfeld of InformIT that “Degrees are all but meaningless. There are a LOT of degreed individuals that aren’t good programmers. Certifications are bit more useful, mostly in the fact that they can impress clients (for consulting work). Aptitude, skill, capability, and experience are FAR more valuable in the industry.”

Another answered that knowing the basis of programming logic and possessing the ability to apply those basics to any code base is vital to programming jobs. Job candidates have to find answers to their problems in efficient and creative ways if they want to be successful, according to this employer.

Having a college degree in an IT field is certainly a great way for your child to get his or her foot in the door with an employer, but the desire to keep learning and developing, to learn new languages and apply them in a variety of contexts is what will likely ultimately help in landing a good coding position as well as with future job advancement.

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