Dating game – here are the basic rules to follow

Every game comes with its own set of rules and dating is no exception. There are some obvious rules that you must follow, especially in the initial period to make dating enjoyable to both. Here are a few of them. Although they are simple they work together to create a positive impression.

Start with a fresh mind

No matter how many persons you have dated before, the individual sitting in front of you shouldn’t be compared to anyone.  So, approach the date with a fresh mind. Do not judge, do not compare.

Pay compliment 

This is a nice gesture and doesn’t apply to men alone. Women must also compliment their dating partners. A man would feel nice if his date tells him that he is looking handsome or the shirt suits him. If the guy has got a gift for you, thank him and tell him that you love it.

Be on time

This is the first rule of dating. Always be on time. Being punctual tells a lot about your character. It shows that you respect time, you are serious about the date and that you follow certain values in life.

Pay attention

Is your partner comfortable in the restaurant? Is he enjoying the meal? Does she look bored? Pay attention so that you can make the date more thrilling. Moreover, by observing your partner you can gather valuable information which would help you to plan future dates successful. If you find out that your partner loves any particular color, you can get flowers of that color next time.

Don’t complain

No one likes to hear complaints. Do not complain about the food or the ambiance if you don’t like it. If you do not like your job or boss, the date is not the right opportunity to vent out your frustration. You should not also badmouth your ex. Remember, when you complain or act rude, you portray yourself in a negative light. This may put off your date.

Don’t be arrogant

Arrogance is bad for a relationship. Persons with big egos often end up having relationship issues. So, control your urge to brag about yourself. It is okay to share what you do and like, but mentioning your bank balance or showing off your swanky car or costly watch may not go down well with your partner. If you find your partner bragging about himself or is obsessed with his achievements, take a note of it.

Dating is a risky game unless you follow the rules. Play it safe, play it right and enjoy your time.