20 Signs You’re From Indianapolis

Kern Palmer Interiors, All About Windows is proud and excited to be part of the great city of Indianapolis. If you don’t live here, you might consider moving!  The following list shows a few signs you’re from Indianapolis:

20 signs you’re from Indianapolis

  1. You’re not surprised if it’s a sunny 78 on Monday and a freezing 35 on Tuesday.
  2. You don’t quite understand why people associate corn fields with Indiana
  3. You never participated in Drive Your Tractor To School Day but you know people who did.
  4. You are either black and gold or cream and crimson, not both!
  5. You can only shake your head when people ask, “What’s there to do in Indiana?”
  6. You don’t get nearly as excited about the Indy 500 as out-of-towners.
  7. You love the colts and Lucas Oil Stadium and take visitors to the Colts Grille downtown. No need to worry about the weather, Indianapolis has a beautiful skywalk system worth seeing.
  8. Yelling “Reggie” at sporting events makes perfect sense.
  9. You will never forget February 2012 when everything was football.
  10. You grew up eating Pork Tenderloins and thought everyone else did to.
  11. You remember singing the lyrics “Indiana wants me” and can still remember the tune.
  12. You still sing “but she grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on an Indiana night”
  13. Your sad “Rudy” was only partly fictional.
  14. St Elmo Steakhouse is your pick for special occasions.
  15. You have watched people make ice cream from liquid nitrogen at Subzero Ice Cream and Frozen and you think it’s the only way to make it!
  16. Devour Downtown is your favorite event in the winter.
  17. Summers include nights at victory field laying in the grass and multiple trips to the city market.
  18. You grew up enjoying The Children’s Museum and wish you were still a kid when you think of it.
  19. A date to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) is a winner every time!
  20. You love a stroll down by the canal and taking your bike on the cultural trail!

Growing up in or near Indianapolis is a great adventure. If you are considering moving to Indianapolis, you won’t find a more fun and friendly city.  Forbes places us #22 for best places for business and careers.

Recently moved to Indianapolis, call Kern Palmer Interiors and we will be happy to help you decorate your home with custom window treatments. We look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to our favorite city, Indianapolis.


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