Overdose in Indianapolis

by editor on July 22, 2016

Addiction, it hits hard, it hits fast, and sometimes we don’t even see it coming. Often sparked from a tragic occurrence or horrific loss, substance use is without a doubt the most slippery of slopes. This is especially true when they are used in an effort to cope with said trauma as an escape from reality.

Regardless of how it all began, the more these substances are used, the more of a tolerance the body builds toward them. This means that it requires more of that substance to get the same level of high or drunkenness with each use. In other words, it may have only taken two shots to get drunk at first, but now it takes seven.

The build-up of a tolerance is how the line between using and overdose gets thinner and thinner, making every single occurrence of use that much more dangerous. An overdose is described as an excessive and dangerous amount of a drug in the body. In the past few years, Indianapolis has seen an incline in drug overdoses, especially via Heroin.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, overdose fatalities have risen to 16 deaths per 100,000 residents from 2011-2013. This puts the state and its capital at the 15th highest of drug, rising from the 20th spot in 2009.

Recently, Indianapolis received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control in order to help combat overdose deaths related to prescription and illegal narcotics.

“This funding will help us gather data to inform strategies on how to prevent opioid overdoses,” said State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams in regards to the CDC’s grant.

In 2015 it was found that young adults were the primary victim of overdose from heroin and pain killers. The city’s overdose rate was so high that surpassed the casualties of car accidents.

The good news is that the city is continually working on new ways to try and help its residents.  The unfortunate truth is how many of these overdoses came to be. The leading news center in Indiana, WTHR, wrote several articles regarding the transfer of one addiction to another. In some cases, young adults were admitted for Heroin addiction, and during their treatment became addicted to methadone.

With these cases came questions regarding the effectiveness of methadone clinics in general. This debate sparked more controversy as the state of Indiana lifted its ban on new methadone clinics for the first time in 8 eight years.

Indianapolis has tried to double its efforts by hosting an array of medical detox facilities, dual diagnosis centers, family treatment programs, rehab centers, and much more. There are even Christian based, gender based, pain based, and LGBT based treatment programs that exist in order to help as many people as possible.

The city even created a registry that can connect those who are combating addiction with those who can dispense immediate, potentially life-saving antidotes for opioid overdoses. The Overdose Prevention Therapy-Indiana registry helps non-profit organizations, pharmacies, treatment and correctional facilities register as providers of Naloxone. The registry provides training on the use of this antidote, as well as provide options for addiction treatment.

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Endocrine Rehab’s

by editor on June 29, 2016

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Monica Kelsey and the town of Woodburn, Ind., dedicated the first Safe Haven Baby Box of its kind on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department. (Chad Ryan/The Journal Gazette via AP) Monica Kelsey and the town of Woodburn, Ind., dedicated the first Safe Haven Baby Box of its kind on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department. (Chad Ryan/The Journal Gazette via AP)

WOODBURN, Ind. (AP) — A Safe Haven Baby Box where mothers can drop off unwanted newborns anonymously with emergency help moments away is now available in northeastern Indiana.


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Cash for Cars

by editor on April 26, 2016


If you are looking to sell your car, here is a solution. Selling a running car or junk car can be a pain and can carry lots of liability. If you choose Ace Midtown to sell your car, its very simple and you will receive cash on the spot. Located on the west side of Indianapolis, they pick up in all areas. They are one of the largest junk yards in Indy.


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In South Bend, Indiana, there are approximately 4,750 property crimes and 700 violent crimes each year. One way to reduce your chances of becoming a victim is to install a security system and use it regularly. Because there are so many options available, it’s important to choose a home security system based on your personal security needs. Follow these tips to choose the best home security system for your family.

1. Do you want mobile access to your security system?

Some plans allow you to control your security system with a smart phone or tablet. Mobile access makes it easy to arm or disarm the system, lock and unlock doors, and change system settings whether you are at work or on the go. If mobile access is important to you, be sure to choose a security plan that allows you to control system settings with an easy-to-use app.

2. What kind of equipment do you need?

Every home is different, so you need to choose the cameras and sensors that make sense for you. If you collect art, for example, you may need additional motion detectors to protect your cherished collection. Before signing up for a security plan, walk through your home and make a list of all the equipment you need.

3. Do you prefer a wireless or wired system?

A wireless system is ideal if you want to avoid drilling holes in your walls, but there may be a good reason to have a wired system installed in your home. If you prefer one type of system over the other, make sure your security provider knows about your preference before installing any equipment.

4. Does your insurance company offer a discount for installing a security system?

Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who install security systems in their homes. Discounts range from 5 to 20 percent, but most companies give bigger discounts to people who purchase a security plan with a central monitoring package If you aren’t sure what your insurance company requires, talk to your agent before purchasing a security system.

5. Are home automation features important to you?

If you are interested in home automation, the best home security system for your needs is one that integrates with your thermostat, lights, and door locks. With home automation features, it’s easy to adjust the temperature, lock and unlock doors, and adjust the lighting even when you are not home. As an added bonus, these features can even help you control your energy costs.

6. Have you evaluated your home for potential vulnerabilities?

Before choosing a security system, take time to identify potential vulnerabilities in your home. If you have large windows on the first floor, you may need window locks to keep burglars from climbing inside. Walk around outside and look for poorly lit areas that may benefit from extra lights. Discuss your concerns with a security expert before deciding which home security system to buy.

A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best way to protect your home and family from criminals, fire hazards, carbon monoxide, and weather disasters. That’s why the best home security system is one that is customized for your particular home.

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Christian Keen Street Photography

by editor on March 15, 2016


Christian Keen is a former Fishers Indiana Fireman, Indianapolis Police SWAT team member and a former Iraq Military Contractor who worked for the company Blackwater as an ambulance driver. After being injured in Iraq Christian began his journey into photography where he excels in street photography, weddings as well as veterans struggling with PTSD.

Currently Christian resides with his family in Indianapolis Indiana.

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Is Indianapolis a Good City for a Wedding?

by editor on January 30, 2016

Like any other city, some couples may consider Indianapolis great for a wedding while others might feel the opposite. Whether or not it is a good city for a wedding is a matter of couples’ preferences.

One argument for having a wedding in Indianapolis is that there are plenty of possible venues to choose from. Many couples getting married in this city have chosen Laurel Hall for their wedding. It hosts weddings on a regular basis thanks to features such as its hardwood paneled lobby, impressively decorated tall ceilings and a grand staircase that many brides can’t resist descending as they walk towards their groom.

There are several rooms within Laurel Hall where a couple can hold their wedding. It is an ideal location for a cozy winter wedding thanks to its carved fireplaces. Couples also have the option of getting married in the hall’s chapel. Designed to resemble a small church in a typical town, it provides the ideal ambience for many couples’ weddings.

Outdoor weddings can also be accommodated at Laurel Hall. There are several locations on the grounds of the hall where couples can have a private wedding limited to only their guests and wedding party. Weddings held at this venue are limited to 200 or fewer guests. Whether couples have their ceremony indoors or outdoors the venue will accommodate their reception in rooms with wooden floors made of teak, mahogany and walnut; this is very conducive to making the dance floor comfortable for everyone. The venue’s outdoor terrace is a perfect location for couples to take in a view of the lit fountains and other sights to see on the grounds of Laurel Hall. The venue even has an onsite caterer so that couples can easily create a dining plan for their reception.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is an Indianapolis wedding venue highly recommended by wedding vendors in the area. Being in Downtown Indianapolis it is a great venue for a fancy wedding. Couples can plan a large or small wedding at this venue. Spaces that can be used for cocktail hours, ceremonies and receptions include the South Lounge, the Grand Hall and the Ballroom. The Ballroom can accommodate as many as 350 people for a seated wedding reception while the smaller South Lounge holds a maximum of 200 people for a seated wedding reception. The Grand Hall can seat as many as 500 guests while the venue’s theater can accommodate seated wedding receptions with as many as 100 guests. Both halls have access to an outdoor area for things like a garden social hour or if you want your guests to use wedding sparklers as part of the celebration. Couples that wish to keep their big day small and intimate can use the Tiler’s Room for a seated wedding reception with 50 guests in attendance. The Cathedral works exclusively with Thomas Caterers of Distinction to provide dishes for each couple’s wedding reception.

These two venues make Indianapolis an excellent city to hold a wedding in. Though there are other venues, not all of them offer the accommodations and delicious cuisine that the above venues can provide couples.

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Punches Thrown at HYMERA Town Meeting

by editor on December 10, 2015

Hymera, IN. – (ECWd) –

We typically don’t cross-post stories from other news outlets, but this one falls in line with attending public meetings…

From WTHI-TV (Terre Haute) –

HYMERA, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana State Police confirmed early Wednesday that no arrests were made following a scuffle at a Hymera Town Board meeting.

Indiana State Police Tuesday night were called to the small town, about 90 miles southwest of Indianapolis, following a fight that erupted when the town’s board passed a motion to give the marshal position to Daryl McCullough.

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NASCAR Themed Wedding in Indianapolis 

by editor on November 20, 2015

Indianapolis is a city where car racing is a huge past time. As a result, many couples choose to plan a NASCAR themed wedding. There are quite a few options that can make this easier to do.

One popular venue for a NASCAR themed wedding is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Its onsite museum gives a couple’s guests something interesting to see before or after the wedding. A tour of the speedway’s grounds can also be requested in advance.

Bakeries throughout the city can provide couples with a groom’s cake designed in the shape of his favorite NASCAR driver’s car. Many of them also allow couples to order custom wedding cake toppers. One unique idea is to obtain a pair of NASCAR driver cake toppers designed with the bride’s and groom’s faces in mind.

Other ways to incorporate the theme into any wedding is to choose the table numbers at the reception to match the numbers of a couple’s favorite NASCAR drivers. The centerpiece for each table can consist of a NASCAR bucket containing a couple’s choice of wedding flowers.

When it comes to wedding favors; couples can go with something as simple as a small NASCAR flag or as fancy as a NASCAR toy car for each guest. NASCAR hats or t-shirts can also make a great wedding favor because couples can obtain the shirts or hats of their favorite drivers.

Many online retailers can help couples plan their NASCAR wedding in Indianapolis. Items that can be purchased for a NASCAR wedding include save the date cards designed to look like standard or VIP passes for the Pit. Even a couple’s wedding program books can be designed to fit the NASCAR theme.

Though every wedding needs a guestbook, a NASCAR wedding calls for a unique one compared to other styles of weddings. Couples always have the option of purchasing a cardboard cutout of the NASCAR driver of their choice and having their guests sign it. Another idea is to obtain a racing helmet of a favorite driver and using that as the guestbook.

At this type of wedding the ring bearer and flower girl can ride down the aisle using a Power Wheels race car. The flower girl will still be able to scatter flowers the whole way down the aisle. To make things really dramatic, you could use some cheap wedding sparklers to make it look like sparks are coming out from the rear tires!

There are some things couples need to keep in mind when planning a NASCAR wedding. One of them is to avoid setting the wedding date for a day when a NASCAR race is scheduled to take place. A quick search of the NASCAR website will show couples which dates are a bad idea.

Planning a NASCAR themed wedding in Indianapolis is like no other wedding planning experience. Couples will find that pulling off this theme in this city is easier than choosing a more obscure wedding theme. The important thing is for couples to enjoy every minute of their NASCAR wedding and make sure their guests do too. This unique wedding theme will likely create lasting memories for everyone.

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